Healthy eating plans

Our Nutrition and Health coach will explore your likes, dislikes, restrictions and helps you build practical meal plan with your choice of food applying Health and Fitness guidelines. We do not believe in any diet program, instead we help with regular clean eating, mindfully habits and allow enjoying food with healthy relationship with food. We focus on anti-inflammatory clean food choices as much as possible.

We also offer prepared meals option that is completely optional but you can pick and choose your meal options and have the freshly cooked meals ready for you to eat and follow nutrition for your specific personal goals. If you subscribe to meals, you will be given extra help with nutritionist as a additional choice from our cooked meal provider service.

Food is a fuel for mind and body and our goal is to compliment your goal with food.

Dedicated Women Only sessions

Most of our sessions are dedicated to women only sessions. Family times are available as needed basis.

Cardio training program

We believe in productive High Intensity interval training cardio program(H.I.I.T.) to deliver the most for your cardio goals.

Progressive training is our core approach so depending on client baseline we may start client on steady state cardio until they are ready to give their best with interval training. It is decided based on your very specific baseline and goals.

We try to bring the most return on your investment of time and efforts yet keeping safety and manageability in mind.

Body sculpting

Change overall body composition by either losing weight, gaining weight or keep same weight but get leaner, stronger and fit all depending on your realistic personal goal.

Health improvement and Fitness management program

You simply want to take control of your health but do not have any weight loss or gain goals

Tone Muscles, Improve Sport Specific Skills, Increase Flexibility, Improve Cardiovascular Fitness, Improve Exercise Technique, Increase Motivation, Improve Health, Improve eating habits, Rehabilitation, Reduce Stress, Add Variety to Exercise Regime
Weight gaining program

With the help of planned Nutrition, supportive lifestyle changes and progressive Exercise program we help client gain healthy weight and still keep body fat in check to avoid any negative health risks

Weight loss program / Bodyfat reduction program

We focus on being real and keep the process fun and manageable. We focus on supportive and structured nutrition approach as foundation and multiply your gain from nutrition and lifestyle changes using combination of weight training, cardio and accountability to secure results.

We expect friendly but committed handshake to follow all component of the program. Our Health and fitness coach works closely to put you on the right path to keep the process fun sustainable and productive.

Dedicated 1-1 sessions as needed basis

If you have a very specific situation where you want to hire a dedicated trainer for your very individual situation. You want very special needs to be taken care than we can accommodate your situation on a as needed special case.

Classes options as available basis

We may offer occasional on demand classes based on demand and interest

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