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Shakti; we encourage you to embrace your inner best: Strength, power, confidence, ...

The word "Shakti" can have different meanings depending on the use or context: power, strength, energy, ability, skill, capability, aid, effort, help.

Our Goal

Provide all the support you need in the area of personal training, nutrition and wellness.

Our Purpose

Empower clients to reach their health, fitness and wellness goals with the help of our dedicated staff. Our unique combination of weight training, cardio, nutrition and accountability is scientifically proven to work. We offer a fun, encouraging and inviting atmosphere where clients feel empowered to take control of their health and fitness journey, and they can accomplish their goals with a great sense of community and support from our qualified personal trainers and wellness coaches.

Our Approach

We create an environment that not only empowers our clients, but provides the tools for a complete mind and body transformation!

With your individual needs in mind, your certified trainer and health coaches will design and manage a program focused on achieving your fitness goals.

Major program components Health, Fitness & Wellness Details :


We start with a condensed training and detailed introduction and evaluation consultation session. We try to understand your true baseline, weight and body composition, as well as cholesterol and blood pressure review (optional). This allows us to understand your preferences, ability, restrictions and limitations.

Our staff sit down with you and understand your likes and dislikes, as well as food restrictions. We help you build a personalized meal plan that you'll love and can follow. A personalized nutrition program jump starts and secures the success of your hard work and training floor sweat.  Nutrition must be in line with your goals; this is a key to mutual success. It is about creating a healthy relationship with anti-inflammatory food and enjoying food that complements your efforts.

We work with our clients to help them create a healthy mindset and commitment to the program execution so we get the most out of their efforts in the program and into their own health, fitness and wellness journey. Accountability leads to success and it is important for us to help each other in a committed manner.


Strength training provides remarkable results in those who have tried and failed at overhauling their fitness with just diet or cardio. Consistent strength training (more than twice per week, for 12 weeks or more) can provide such benefits as:

  • Increased muscle-fiber size
  • Increased muscle contractile strength
  • Increased tendon strength
  • Increased ligament strength

All of these add up to a much healthier, fitter body that is less likely to be injured. You end up looking pretty good, too! If you are afraid of bulk and are just looking for tone, remember tone actually comes from strong and healthy muscle mass.

Our personal trainers and managing staff help you with basic guidelines and rules for starting out in a weight training program; whether it is for strength, weight loss, lean muscle gain, or just overall fitness. Our training staff accomplishes this by manipulation of the number of repetitions (reps), sets, tempo, exercise types, and weight moved to cause desired increases in strength, endurance, and size while monitoring and guiding form and technique. The specific combinations of reps, sets, exercises, and weights depends on your goals and ability.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio training is carefully executed under the watchful eyes of a personal trainer, monitoring. Low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals to maximize results from the cardio workout. HIIT cardio is considered  much more effective than normal cardio because the intensity is higher and you are able to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat than ever before. 


We offer wellness, and other classes like, Yoga, meditation, Zumba, Pilates, Barre, self-defense, Kickboxing, a new innovative wellness approach called Nouflex and other types for a change and an overall better balance with core Personal Training program during extended hours. 

We believe a balanced and strong mind, along with a strong physique, creates a well-balanced life, greater success and satisfaction. We want to offer you choices; it is up to you if you want to take advantage of them.

We also offer family hours personal training where you can train with your family including spouse, brother, sister, any other family member or a friend.

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