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Basics To Get Stronger, Leaner, and More Toned Body

Every person on the earth would aspire for a lean, toned and strong body. Without a structured meal plan, regular workout and positive thinking this task is not accomplished. To feel great about yourself, impress yourself or others or simply for health reasons you can build a great body. Here are few basics through which you make your body strong, toned and leaner. 

Do High-Intensity Interval Training

The high-intensity level training is one of the best methods for fat loss and cardio training. You can do rounds of cardiovascular exercises such as trade mill, elliptical, stairs, rowing sprints in shorter intervals of around 30 to 60 seconds. Make sure lower intensity are just low enough to recover and not too low or easy below recovery levels. These are the best ways to keep yourself in shape and increase the stamina of your body. The cardiovascular exercises enhance the circulation of blood in your body. 

Eat Balanced and Nutritious Diet

You are what you eat. This is one of the old sayings. You need to be very careful about your meals if you want a fit and strong body. It also happens that you work out on a regular basis, but if your eating habits are poor then you need to alert. You need to eat clean and whole food such as seafood, lean meat, healthy fat sources, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fruits etc. Instead of eating out in a restaurant, eat homemade food. 

Reduce Stress

As we all know that the current professional life is very demanding. You require staying away from stress, as it is the major hindrance or obstacle. If you want the strong and lean body then you need to find ways for reducing stress. Unwind yourself by listening to music or go for a walk. Do meditation, yoga, swimming etc. to fight against the stress. Running and jogging is one of the best stress busters. 

Exercise Regularly


Exercise regularly to get a lean, strong and toned physique. You need to do exercises such as pull-ups, lunges, bench press, push ups, squats and other multi-joint exercises. Also, pay attention to your biceps and triceps. These are the exercises which cater to more than one joint. They are also very good for your heart and enhance the rate of metabolism in your body. It is just another step for a fit and strong body. 

Reduce Alcohol Intake 

Reduce intake of alcohol, if you drink a lot of wine, vodka, and rum. Extensive research proves that excess of alcohol is not good for your body. Therefore, drink less alcohol or avoid it if you can. When you go to any party like marriage, function, or birthday then take soda water with gin. Excess consumption of alcohol makes you fat and obese. Instead of alcohol drink fruit juice(in moderation limit due to sugar) or fruit flavored water or sparkling water.

Water Therapy

As we all know that without water, we can not survive. Therefore, drink lots of water every day. A minimum of three or four liters is sufficient for you. Instead of drinking tea or coffee, increase the intake of water in your body. Water is present in our body and more than half of our body weight. Drinking adequate water will also remove the toxins from your body, and makes you healthy and fit. 

Keep healthy protein intake combined with strength training For Muscle Growth

Include progressive and demanding strength training to create healthy demand for muscle growth for tone, weight loss or weight gain as an essential component. Compliment your hard work in strength training by feeding body healthy amount of protein to stimulate muscle growth.

According to research paper by McMaster University(details here if interested-> research conducted by McMaster University), protein intake of 1.3 – 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight (.6 – .8 grams per pound of body weight) is adequate for stimulating maximal protein synthesis. They note, however, that more protein might be needed in the case of frequent and/or high-intensity training, and in the case of dieting to lose fat (restricting calories).

To Simplify,

  • 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight (2.2 g/kg of BW) per day has been a rule of thumb for decades in the area of muscle building.
  • Higher levels of protein intake, usually in the range of 1.2 – 1.5 grams per pound of lean body weight (2.6 – 3.3 g/kg BW) per day, are commonly recommended when losing body fat weight. Definitely consult Health and Fitness professional in this category to be accurate.

Keep The Stomach Full

To keep yourself in good shape, eat food properly. There is no need to deprive your body of the food. Eat delicious, healthy and nutritious food and in a day, eat 6 to eight meals in shorter and regular intervals(No of meals depends as long as total calories for the day and macronutrients—grams of proteins, carbs and fats—you’re eating each meal are in balance). Drink plenty of water with protein powder flavoring if you are unable to consume required protein intake from regular food. We insist get protein from real food as best as possible. It is one of the best methods to build your muscles and getting a highly toned, leaner and strong body. 

Give Adequate Rest to your body

You need to rest properly to gain all the benefits of work out. Remember eight hours of sleep is required every day for good physical and mental health. It acts as a rebooting procedure for your body. if you sleep less than eight hours, then it will reflect in your body as well as fitness. Proper and adequate sleep is beneficial for your overall fitness. 

Mental Health

A sound body is in a sound mind. This is an old saying and it is a universal truth. Keep yourself mentally and physically fit by playing some kind of sports. Read some good books of your choice, such as literature. Do meditation and yoga regularly and never be tense. Also, if necessary take help from your personal trainer, coach or friend. 


You will never start in a proper way if you are waiting for the right or perfect time to start your workouts. For a stronger, leaner and highly toned body, join a exercise program and do workouts regularly. Eat a balanced diet and make sure that you eat lots of fruits, eggs, green leafy vegetables and fresh lean meat. Remember, lean and strong body is made in the kitchen not just by exercise.  

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